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In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, I interviewed Luvuyo Rani, the Founder and Director of Silulo Ulutho Technologies. Luvuyo and his brother founded their company to provide IT services to their communities. They started in 2004 with a single Internet cafe in Khayelitsha. 

In six years, Silulo Technologies grew from a single internet café to a US$0.5 million company that offers computer training courses, internet café and business center services, and IT retail and repair. In the process, they evolved from being township kids selling refurbished computers out of their car to nationally recognized businessmen and role models. 

This was a special conversation for me because I am a beneficiary of Luvuyo’s work. I used to go to one of his cafe to access the internet in order to send CVs and download learning material. There was no one else offering this service at the time because the area was considered dangerous for that kind of business. 

In this episode, we discussed the following;

  • Luvuyo Rani’s personal background
  • The founding of Silulo Ulutho Technologies
  • How leverage benefits small business entities.
  • Challenges he had to face while starting
  • How he builds relationships with the community he’s working in
  • His personal challenges and how he deals with them
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