The world is coming out of lockdowns and economies are opening up after months of so much uncertainty and severe economic contraction. The coronavirus has destroyed lives, wealth, and opportunities which have left none of us unaffected. It’s a new world now, the normal is demanding a change in how we approach all aspects of our daily lives and this is no easy task for beings who are conditioned for a certain way of living. Most are hurt, fearful, uncertain, or confused.

I decided to catch up with my friend Llewellyn Devereaux, an author and entrepreneur to find out how he coped during these difficult times. I reached out to Lui not only because he has a company which was directly impacted by the lockdown, but also because he is a high energy individual who always has an interesting way of looking at life. 

We recorded a series of short episodes focusing on tools we can use to not only survive this season but to thrive too. 

Lui recently published his book; The Mastery Code which you can find here.