“If you’re a man and super organised, you are a such a good worker. If you’re a woman and organised, they say you’re “bitch”-Annika Friesen, my favorite take away from this Podcast.

Annika Friesen is a business person, blogger, traveler, accountant and consultant. She is the creator of Fernwehsociety.com, a blog about lifestyle, travel, and entrepreneurship.

She was bitten by the travel bug while she was only 10 months old and she never look back. She has traveled alot and lived many places while doing all sorts of odd jobs just to stay on the road. That just reminds me of how travel or new places forces you to go out of your comfort zone and try new things that you wouldn’t do in your home town.

In this podcast, we covered:
-Her story
-Her transition from 9-5 to doing what she love.
-How living in a foreign country affects your life
-How she balance her job and blog
Women in business
-Her favorite blogs and podcasts

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The blogs she mentioned:

Jess lively