Christopher Nichols is one of the most inspiring, smart and creative people in the CGI industry right now. From working with leading studios on The Day After Tomorrow, I Robot, Stealth, Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, Maleficent and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo to photo real cars and photo real humans and now going into new art and technology adventures.

Chris is the Director of Chaos Group, the developers of V-Ray as one of the main people behind Chaos Group Labs. He has been involved with many high profile projects while pushing art and tech in new directions.

His career journey is very interesting, it’s the reason why I had to bring him on the podcast since I have been following him for a long time throughout my career and I have learned so much from him. One of the main things is changing careers. He is never stuck, always reinventing himself and doing fun things while still putting out great work.


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