Ever since the music icon and entrepreneur; Akon made a public announcement for his own cryptocurrency project called AKOIN. The world paid attention and there has been a lot of anticipation from within the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency industry and the world at large. The Akoin project is meant to be a token based ecosystem powered by a marketplace of tools and services fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs, innovators, social activists in Africa and beyond. 

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In this episode, I had a chance to discuss the project with both the President and COO; Jon Karas and Lynn Liss respectively. They shared an overview, technical aspects, vision and how the project will affect the rising economies of Africa. They also shared a little bit about their upcoming Token Generation Event(TGE) which will mark the official launch of Akoin after a few years in the making.
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Akoin Foundation: https://www.akoinfoundation.org/

Akoin Twitter: @AkoinOfficial