In this episode, I interviewed Carmelle Cadet , a passionate advocate of Blockchain and Digital Currency Technology for modernization, financial inclusion and economic development efforts. She is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH, a fintech company helping Central Banks in emerging markets modernize their financial market infrastructure.

In her 10-year career at IBM, Carmelle led the global business development efforts for the digital currency segment in IBM Blockchain.

Through EMTECH, Carmelle is on a mission to transform the financial market infrastructures with Modern Central Bank Platforms, Digital Currency Systems and Artificial Intelligence. This enables regulators to have modern tools to effectively manage digital currency payments solutions.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Personal background 
  • What is EMTECH and her role
  • Central Banks response to digital currency
  • Government Regulation to Cryptocurrency
  • The challenges cryptocurrency and blockchain companies facing in emerging markets.
  • Payments
  • How Blockchain can solve the problems of financial inclusion in Africa

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