“Success is earned. You need to work at it and push on against adversity”. Siya Metane

Siya Metane, also known as Slikour is a South African media mogul. He founded and heads SlikourOnLife ,an Online Music Platform that creates & curates music content for the urban market. Currently the largest media platform of this type in South Africa. He’s also a music producer, writer MD. As a thought leader, he has worked with Banks and FSPs to connect with the urban demographic on financial education. 

Slikour is also part of Skwatta Kamp, one of the most prominent Hip Hop groups in South Africa. The group has won numerous awards for their work including two SAMA awards for best rap album and a Channel O Best Hiphop Music Video Award.

Enjoy the interview with Slikour

You can follow Siya Metane on Instagram: @siyametane


Visit SlikourOnLife website:https://www.slikouronlife.co.za/

Youtube Channel:SlikourOnLife

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