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In this episode of The Grey Ave Podcast, Grey Jabesi Interviewed Rocelo Lopes. He is the Founder of CoinBR, CEO of Stratum and CoinPY, Rocelo Lopes was responsible for the first bitcoin vertical operation development in Latin America, from miners to final users. Innovative and pioneering in developing technologies by using encryption and blockchain, the entrepreneur is a reference to the cryptomarket.

In this interview we covered some of these key points;

  • His personal background and career
  • How he  got started with cryptocurrency
  • The founding of CoinBR and Stratum
  • The perception of money. How does money make you happy?
  • The consequences faced by crypto investors
  • How to prepare for the worst by securing bitcoin wallets in case of death.

You can check Stratum here:

Follow Rocelo Lopes on Instagram @rocelo_lopes


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