In this episode, Grey Jabesi sat down with Adi Kaimowitz, Co-founder and CEO of Virtual Actuary. What is Virtual Actuary? Simply put; The Uber of actuaries. In formal language, Virtual Actuary is a team of experts offering a comprehensive range of actuarial services, founded on a depth of experience acquired locally and globally.

Already a multi-million dollar company, carefully scaling and involved in a few bidding wars. What’s more impressive to me is that the founder; Adi is not an actuary himself. That in itself struck my curiosity and I wanted to meet him. 

He invited me to his home and I got to learn a lot more about Adi which you will listen to in the podcast. He ran the business from his home, just a few meters away from the beach where he kite-surf for pleasure. He is truly living in the digital economy. Not only we discussed the founding of Virtual Actuary, but we also covered the following:

  • His early life
  • Modern day work
  • How to find opportunities
  • Comfort challenges while seeking opportunities
  • How to nurture a network 
  • How to scale without losing your business culture
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